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shakeology 3 day cleanseShakeology Cleanse

The Shakeology Cleanse is a fantastic way to maximize your weight loss results and get rid of unwanted toxins in the body, while feeling amazing and having lots of energy to help you go through your day. Many people use this 3 Day Cleanse, also known as the Jump Start in between workout programs, for example, after they complete the 60 days of the Insanity Workout and before they move on to their next routine, such as P90X, Insanity T25 or Asylum, just to name a few.



Shakeology Cleanse InstructionsShakeology 3 Day Cleanse Instructions

I have been doing this cleanse for the past few years with great results. There is a temptation to start skipping meals and just do the shake in order to speed up your weight loss results, but I want to suggest that you do not do this. Instead, do the Jump start cleanse every time the seasons change, for example. Or anytime you finish a workout program and before you move on to the next. Some people for example use this 3 day cleanse as a way to “purify” their bodies after a vacation, the holidays or any other event where they might have over done the drinking and eating.

Drinking a meal replacement shake for a cleanse is extremely simple too. You enjoy 3 shakes a day, with fruit, and with a big salad of vegetables with four ounces of protein for dinner. If you’re not much of a meat eater you are able to substitute meat for legumes, just be sure to add enough beans. Truly the only other food prerequisite is to have two tbs of a healthy oil like organic olive oil together with your salad dressing. It is essential that you have your healthy fats daily, even when doing a cleanse.

Before you start your 3-day detox cleanse make sure that you do the following. 1, step on the scale so that you realize your beginning weight. Two, take your stomach measurments. Start 2 inches higher than your navel, your belly button, and two inches beneath your belly button. Repeat this the morning after day 3. If you follow the easy plan you will be amazed by the final results. In my three day Shakeology cleanse I lost 3 pounds and a total of 10 inches off my midsection!

But let me outline the shakeology detox plan for you:

1. Replace all meals for three days with a Shakeology smoothy. Do not add anything to your shake, be it fruits, honey, protein powder, etc. Just drink a serving made with water and ice.

2. For dinner, eat a green salad with 8 ounces of lean protein such as fish or chicken. If you can afford to buy free range chicken and/or organic, even better. For fish, stick to wild caught and never use farmed fish. For dressing use olive oil and lemon juice. Avoid processed salad dressings.

3. Drink plenty of water. I would suggest to aim for at least half a gallon, but if you can, drink more than that. Remember, we are removing toxins from our bodies and water will help with the elimination of such toxins.

4. Resist temptation to consume any snacks. Even if they’re healthy ones. Most times, when we feel hungry, we are just bored and we entertain ourselves with food. Resist and walk away. If you really are starving, have an extra smoothie.

5. Rinse and repeat for three days. The cleanse will end after dinner of day three and you can begin eating normal food on breakfast on day 4.

3 Tips For Succeeding With This Cleanse

I fully understand that for those people that have never attempted a cleanse like this or are not used to fasting or other alternative ways of eating, the 3 day cleanse will feel quite extreme. But remember, you are feeding your body with high quality nutrients regularly, you are still eating a salad and protein daily and you have plenty of energy stored to allow to keep going for 3 days. But here are my top three tips for getting amazing results with this jump start:

1. Recruit friends and family and ask for their support. Let’s face it, doing something with a pal or a family member is more rewarding and fun than going at it alone. If you can have a friend join you on your cleanse, your chances for success will go up greatly! If no one cares to join, at the very least as for their support and ask them to not tempt you with food or negative comments.

2. If you feel like quitting, DON’T!!!! go for a walk, go visit a friend, take a nap. Do whatever it takes to take your mind off of the urge to stop and eat.

3. Before starting your cleanse, write why you want to accomplish by doing this detox. Is it weight loss? is it regularity? whatever your reasons, each time you feel like it’s getting tough, go read your reasons and remember why you are doing this.  Trust me, the more you do the cleanse, the easier it will get.


Shakeology Review

There are plenty of meal replacement shakes in the market. But if you check out all the different review websites out there, you will soon discover that without a doubt, the most popular is Shakeology, particularly to those interested in following the 3 day Cleanse.



But before we go on, let’s talk about what is this yummy shake?

It is a shake produced by Beachbody, an innovator in home fitness and well being. The way it’s instructed to be used, is by replacing one meal a day with a smoothy made with it. Some people add almond milk or soy milk. Others add yogurt and some sort of fruit. I’ve been using frozen berries that I buy at costco to make my daily shake and I love it. I’ve also used peanut and almond butter to beef it up a little bit. But be careful with what you put in it. If you are not mindful of your ingredients, you may end up adding way more calories than if you had a regular meal.

This shake offers a good selection of wholesome nutrients and vitamins inside a low calorie, rich nutrient shake. With this shake you no longer need to be concerned about getting your daily nutrients for max well being, or keep track of your daily servings of fruit and vegetables. You can watch many of the available youtube videos that outline exactly what’s inside this product.

Shakeology CleanseSimply by drinking one smoothie each day you’ll be getting all the nutrients needed for optimal health, as well as intestinal well being. This replacement shake contains whey protein, which has eight important amino acids. This supports muscle development and brain functions.

Also, it includes antioxidants to help your body get rid of nasty free radicals. Phytonutrients which help your immune system. Prebiotics are included for digestive health and finally, digestive enzymes which aids the body with the absorption of nutrients.

Shakeology can help you lose weight, curb your cravings, and keep you regular.

With busy lifestyles and hectic daily routines, it is not always simple to get in the suggested day-to-day fruit and veggies. Fast food as well as convinience foods not only do not have the rich nutrients and anti-oxidants needed in your daily diet, they are also filled with salt, sugar, added fats, and fillers, in other words, chemical shit-storm! (Pardon my language 😀 ). For about $4 a day you can sub one of your meals and take a smoothie shake that is not only convinient but great for the body. Lots of people drink it instead of breakfast just for convenience. Others drink it as an after-workout drink. The choice is yours.

How easy is to prepare? You simply use eight oz water or some type milk such as almond or coconut milk, ice and 1 serving of Shakeology and throw it your blender for a tasty smoothie. You are able to also add fruit. Frozen fruit will give the texture and taste of an ice cream shake. If you are on the go or traveling you will find that single serving packets are a great way to still have your smoothie each day without having to carry a huge bag. Use them together with a shaker cup and you have a shake on the go. It also comes in two delicious flavors, chocolate and greenberry. Each flavor has the same nutrients. For those who are vegan, check out the vegan options in Shakeology!

The ingredients in this product are not some science project or created in a lab. They use only whole food resources for Shakeology. Meaning the components will be 100 percent natural. The quantity of nutrients these whole foods offer in 1 serving are comparable to 7 trips to the salad bar. Which could be a salad bar with vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes.


Three effective strategies for getting results with Shakeology.

1. At the beginning, it’s best to make a short term challenge with realistic objectives. For instance, instead of going all or nothing inside your diet plan and consuming just 1 shake each day it’s probably a better approach to slowly reduce unhealthy things in your diet.
If you’re a coffee drinker every morning to begin your day, try a shake instead. The first week will probably be tough as you adjust but in the following days, you will noticed how awesome you feel. And instead of a caffeine rush you will get great nutrition with a wholesome sustained power.

2. Form a challenge group or a support group is key to achieving long term results. You may be the strongest willed person in the world but, in time, even the strongest will may be broken. Team up with friends and family to reach your goals. A great example would be to create a 30-day challenge for you and your buddies with consequences or “penalties” for individuals who might go off track. Remember to keep it fun and always be encouraging though!

3. Add variety. You don’t need to JUST mix the shake with water and/ or milk. Change it up and try new recipes. For example, it may be added in a blender with 1 tablespoon all-natural peanut butter, 1 cup 1% or skim milk (soy or almond milk are fantastic option), 1 teaspoon vanilla, and 6 ice cubes. Create various shake recipes that please your senses so It is not only some thing wholesome but also something tasty that you appreciate and look forward to.

This product is one of the best (if not the best) meal replacement shake available in the market today. It was created by Beachbody and it is a delicious shake that can be taken daily as a dietary supplement or as a weight loss aid. This meal replacement shake when combined with a good workout like Insanity or P90X, can really have amazing results! All you need to do is go to youtube and do a quick search for Shakeology Cleanse Results or any variations like this. Some people have lost 20, 30 or even 50 pounds when using this shake along with their preferred workout program and a sensible nutrition.

This product works by helping your body get rid of toxins while at the same time improving essential vitamins and nutrient absorption into your body. People who drink Shakeology daily have shown a lower cholesterol, better digestion and regularity as well as higher energy levels and rapid weight loss.

In a 3 month study where participants replaced one meal a day with a shake along with a moderate exercise routine. The results were pretty significant:

Total cholesterol levels dropped by about 30% and bad cholesterol was reduced by 38%

90% reduction in oxidative stress, which is a major risk factor related to degenerative diseases

24% reduction in cardiovascular risk factors


This amazing meal replacement shake contains a proprietary blend of enzymes and prebiotics that will help your body function at its best by eliminating toxins that have been built up in your digestive system due to today’s highly processed foods. This build up has been linked to many diseases such as obesity, heart condition and even cancer.

It is also packed with whole food ingredients that are not only super nutritious but also powerful in that they deliver essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed by your body to curb cravings and to improve your body’s ability to shed excess fat.

On top of that, Shakeology also includes over 20 antioxidants and phytonutrients that will eliminate free radicals and therefore reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke.


How Much Does It Cost?

Included With All Home Direct Orders:

– FREE Shipping

– FREE Shakeology Shaker Cup

– FREE Workout DVD’s

– 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Price: $119.95

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